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Discover unparalleled security and privacy in the realm of digital communication with our groundbreaking onion email service, xmr.email. Say goodbye to invasive tracking and identity verification requirements – our platform ensures your messages remain encrypted and your identity remains anonymous.

With xmr.email, you can communicate confidently, knowing that your privacy is our top priority. Plus, our service is exclusively accessible via Tor or the onion space, and there's no KYC (Know Your Customer) hassle, ensuring your anonymity from end to end.

You want to support us?

We are investing a lot of work and effort in this project. Servers are expensive. Hardware is expensive. Electricity is expensive. Relay server cost is expensive.

Therefor we are gratefull for every donation you make:

Crypto Address
Monero / XMR 8B8g1Sbyx26ByogTgzeU7C738zcPRndzGRcyPj4RGZLqZQAs17HUaFd36E36UaMrEz5yFEE1bPetb2n4R8VdMiWaS7xQpUs
Bitcoin bc1qut45n6cncraa8uvnlwuucupyde5f4tjfxl0y66 [ Only supported because more people use it :( ]

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We don't accept any abuse of our service and will close the accounts of those who do so. If you have any information about abusive usage of our service, feel free to write a mail to abuse // xmr.email.

The following behavior will lead to an account termination:

Law enforcement

We don't store any logs or user information, even if we wanted to help you we could not provide you with information about our users because it simply does not exist. We will not give you access to our customers mail accounts unless the requested account is linked to child abuse.

Before you try to raid us consider the following: